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Watercolor Workshop Materials List

Materials list/Watercolor Workshop

janice powell shedd


You may have many of these materials.

Don’t buy something, if what you have will work.


Transparent “pan” watercolors:

A set of pan paints is best for outdoor work.  Avoid gouache (opaque watercolors)

These are the colors in my palette. If you have purchased a set or worked under another instructor, your colors will be different, but FINE for a workshop. I use Maimeri Blu and M. Graham, but Grumbacher, Cotman, Academy are fine if you already have it.  Winsor Newton is nice, but expensive. 

You will notice that these are mostly primary colors.  I squeeze mine into a plastic palette, which makes them “pan” paints:

Magenta                                              Sap Green                   Raw Sienna  

Cadmium Red                                    Cyan Blue                    BurntSienna                                    

Indian Yellow                                     Cobalt Blue

Primary Yellow                                  Ultramarine Blue       


NO mixing with BLACK or WHITE! If you use these “colors”, use them specifically, sparingly, and LAST. They will muddy your colors and your painting.


Plastic Hinged Palette: Squeeze tube color in and use as pan color

Paper: Arches paper 140# Cold Press (you may use other paper for thumbnails, color testing, but only Arches will give you the results you want)

Brushes:  (soft grip from Michael’s work well) or buy a brush set with:  ½” flat (aquarelle),‘rigger’, liner-, or ‘script’-, rounds in sizes 2 and 10

Board: ¼” thick masonite or plywood, approximately12” x 16” or 18” x24”


Miscellaneous materials:  Blue painter’s masking tape, masking fluid, bar soap, water mister, soft paper towels, tissues, one sided razor blade, #2 pencil, ‘magic rub’ eraser, sea sponge, water container (s), (CAMERA) , sketchbook …salt, …. Folding chair, hat, lunch, water to drink

I will have a few materials with me for purchase:


A few filled palletes

Brush sets

Cut paper


If you plan to purchase supplies from me, please contact me at  and let me know as quantities are limited.